The S4 Team leads the charge in information assurance and security which allows us to enhance our customers’ information security awareness through agile, responsive, and tailored solutions and services.  

Our comprehensive approach:

Utilizes network analytics and processes that dynamically shape, model and interpret vulnerabilities within government networks and operations

Assists customer with implementing  C&A requirements outlined in OMB A-130, NIST, NSTISSI, NIACAP,  and FAA C&A Handbook

Maintains customer information systems compliant with IA Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA)

Develops plan of action and milestones (POA&M) to address vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues with hardware, software, or network accreditation actions

Plans and participates in C&A process

Conducts System Security Plans, Rules of Behavior , and System Readiness Reviews

Develops customized security awareness training programs which meet the needs of the organization

Information Security and Assurance