Cyber Security Operations

Enhance customer’s information security awareness posture through agile, responsive, and tailored solutions and services, network analytics, and processes that dynamically shape, model, and interpret vulnerabilities in Department of Defense (DoD) networks and operations. Solutions and services include:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) / Multifactor Authentication 
  • Port and Protocal Management and Monitoring
  • ​Test and Audit Readiness
  • Audit Liaison Support
  • Oversight and Quality Assurance
  • Security Strategic Planning
  • Information Technology Asset Inventory

Active Defense of the DoD Global Information Grid (GiG)

  • Design, develop, engineer, and dynamically integrate the full range of information assurance capabilities and services supporting the defense of national security infrastructure and networks.
  • Conduct on-site and remote vulnerability assessments that facilitate the discovery of adversarial threats and vulnerabilities to the GiG.

Cyber Threat Analysis and Mitigation

  • Identify, discern, mitigate, and counter vulnerabilities in DoD information systems through deep analysis and technical security evaluations.
  • Proactively analyze and characterize volumes of data in developing tools that enhance the management and mitigation of an array of network vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Develop functional and scalable analytics tools and models in automating the measures of effectiveness / performance of mitigation strategies implemented against threats.

Cyber Response Measures and Actions

  • Develop, implement, and deliver enabling capabilities and services to proactively isolate and hunt cyber adversaries in U.S. networks, facilities, and critical components.
  • Collaborate closely with customers to identify threats and improve the monitoring, reliability, and security of DoD networks and systems.

Cyber Security